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Connected User data. Timely, Instant and reliable Patient data

Providing access to reliable patient data and tools for caregivers, providers and healthcare system.

You recommend and use the best health monitoring devices for your patients, we get the data and test results to your tablets

One API - the technology to connect reliable patient data you can trust for monitoring and treatment of patients.
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For Provider:

Medtech Africa gives healthcare providers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions tailored to treating, managing and monitoring of chronic diseases. A single platform that provides reliable patient data from third-party health monitoring device or software to manage, and monitor patients with hypertension, diabetes, and heart failure for faster recovery and care throughout their lifetime. Learn more
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For Patients:

Monitor your health with any wearable device or software and get support from a doctor. Get a personal diary to log in your blood pressure, sugar level and other vitals at home, with 24/7 monitoring from your physician anywhere you are. Meal Planner, exercise, reminders for medications and test available. Learn more

For donors:

At Medtech Africa, we believe every patient deserves an equal chance to live healthily. We provide an opportunity for Partners and Organizations that believes in democratizing universal health coverage to directly pay for underserved Africans in need of Medical Care.

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How it works:

You choose Patients you want to sponsor on the directory.

You Pay directly to Patient Health Credit Account with your Cards.

The cost of care may vary for each patient depending on the Provider they subscribe to or the type of care they need.

Sponsor a less privileged Africans medical bill

Directly pay for a sick person who cannot afford to foot his/her medical bill.

At Medtech Africa, we believe that every patient deserves an equal chance to live healthily. When you sponsor a patient in Africa through Medtech Africa, you'll help a patient in need of medical care get access to a board-certified physician for treatment remotely and also get medications and prescriptions delivered to his/her home.

The cost of treatment may vary from one patient to another depending on the type of ailment and treatment required.

Our goal is to help 100 million children, women, families and communities in Africa to experience wellness and access to quality medical care by 2030.

Join us in sponsoring a patient's medical bill today!


Seamlessly add real-time data monitoring of patient health from wearables, telehealth devices & software to your EMR, telehealth, telemedicine app e.t.c Connect your user’s real-time data to your EMR through our complete API & SDK suite to support real-time monitoring of vitals and chronic management.


End - End encryption


Easy to use APIs


Plug and Play SDKs


Smart UI/UX


Patient diary & health tracking feature


Artificial Intelligence features

Mobile versions also available

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Our focus is helping in monitoring patients with hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other chronic conditions

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